RJ Crosses Ceramics are the makers of a unique range of ceramics designed to decorate gardens; adorn walls; trim trees; and, embellish bodies.

Our speciality is creating Christmas ceramics designed to become family keepsakes that will last a lifetime.


Inspired by the ceramics Rebecca got to appreciate on an overseas holiday in 2008, she returned home and began working with clay.  What began as a passionate hobby evolved into her small business - RJ Crosses Ceramics.

In 2013, Rebecca retired from her profession as a lawyer to embark on her dream seachange of being a full time ceramicist.

The majority of ceramics she designs and makes are created for their decorative beauty with the intention that they be touched, hung, worn, given and admired.


All of RJ Crosses Ceramics' creations are designed and made in our home studio in Kensington Park, South Australia.


The most significant inclusion to the variety of ceramics made by Rebecca, are her Christmas decorations.  Born out of a desire to create keepsake ceramic ornaments that will last a lifetime, she spends much of her year designing new lines of

Christmas ceramics.  They are designed to decorate trees, tie to presents or form part of a Christmas table setting.  Rebecca says it is an absolute thrill to know that so many of her ceramics play a role in creating that magic that

surrounds Christmas in many Australian and overseas homes.

“The scent of Eucalyptus” range of Christmas ornaments are designed to celebrate an Australian Christmas, replacing the traditional European Christmas motifs with uniquely Australian ones.


RJ Crosses Ceramics' non-Christmas creations include an eclectic range of ceramic jewellery; ring dishes; spoons; planters; and, wind-chimes; among other things.  Our wind-chimes are made using driftwood collected along beaches 0n the

Yorke Peninsula, making them uniquely South Australian.  The jewel-like colours of the ocean have remained a constant influence on Rebecca's work.


At RJ Crosses Ceramics we make every effort to reduce any negative impact our small business has on the environment.  The studio and kiln are assisted with solar energy.  The majority of our materials are bought locally at the

Mile End Pugmill and our leather is sourced from the local saddlery shop.  We visit many local jewellery-making shops for supplies and use the services of a small Queensland business for their expertise

in transforming Rebecca's illustrations into stamps.

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