Our range of unique ceramic Christmas decorations have been designed to become family keepsakes.  All of these ceramic decorations are handcrafted and decorated with a variety of different underglazes and glazes.  They are all designed and made in Adelaide.  

We make three x-large ceramic "inspirational quote" tree decorations cut in the shape of tradtional baubles. They are tied with leather and adorned with x-large glass beads.  The quotes are from the wise words of AA Milne; a 13th century Persian poet, Rumi; and the irrespressible Dr Seuss.  They make lovely presents to those who you wish to inspire and are $15 each.  



"Christmas sacks" - These little hessian bags are designed as gift/lolly bags or can merely be perched under the tree as decoration.  They are all made with natural coloured hessian and tied with one of our larger ceramic gift embellishments and matching coloured satin ribbon.  They vary in size and are approximately 16-20cm wide and 18-26cm height.  They are $18 each.



Christmas Bells - these bespoke little bells are hand sculpted and then hand painted in traditional Christmas coloured underglazes.  They are then glazed with a clear crackle glaze, affording them a vintage look.  The bells are decorated with hand painted ceramic beads and these same beads are used for the clapper.  The bells are tied with jute twine and they all provide their own unique tuneful tinkle.  Sitting in small clusters, they make charming decorations for a Christmas table setting or simply hung on the Christmas tree.  These charming Christmas bells are $20 each.  Each one is unique.



Our "Nordic" Christmas bells are made with white clay and handpainted in Indigo underglaze and then clear glazed.  They are then decorated with a metallic gold overglaze and fired again.  Each bell is adorned with handmade ceramic beads and tied with white leather.  These gorgeous Christmas bells are $20 each.


 Christmas Gift Embellishments - these heart shaped ceramic gift embellishments have been imprinted with "Merry Christmas" in script and colour washed in a fire engine red or dark ruby red underglaze and then clear glazed.  They are tied with a generous amount of matching red waxed cotton ready to attach to a gift.  These ceramic gift embellishments are $4 each.


This season's new ceramic gift embellishments have been made with white clay and are decorated with metallic gold overglaze polka dots.  They are tied with a natural coloured waxed cotton ready to tie to a gift.  They are $6 each.


"Cute animal" series.  These Christmas decorations are approximately 6cm wide and come in a number of different coloured underglazes and are finished with a clear crackle glaze.  These ceramics are tied with leather and finished with red glass heart shaped beads.  Prices range from $10 to $12.00 each.







The star is an icon of Christmas.  This year's larger ceramic star has been imprinted with a pressed tin pattern.  The pattern is colourwashed with a dark red underglaze and then finished with a clear crackle glaze. Tied with leather and finished with x-large red glass bead, they are $15.00 each.



Large gift embellishments/tree decorations.  These ceramics are designed to be tied to Christmas gifts as adornments and they double as tree decorations.  They are 5cm wide and come in a variety of different emblems and colours.  These ceramics are finished with a clear crackle glaze and tied with matching baker's twine affording them an old world charm.  They are $8.00 each.



Ceramic Christmas tags - these Christmas tags are 8 and half cm long and 4cm wide.  They are imprinted with "Merry Christmas" in a charming quaint lettering and colour washed in either dark ruby red or dark forrest green.  The tags are tied with matching baker's twine and are priced at $10.00 each.