RJ Crosses makes an eclectic range of decorative ceramics.  Given the large variety of designs and colours of the glazes, please contact us so we can determine which designs you like and what we have in stock.  Many of these designs are currently only available online through our website or at any markets we attend.


 The "Inlaid Series"

The "inlaid series" are designed in the shape of a heart with another heart scuplted into the body of the ceramic.  The inlaid section is then finished with a crystal infused glaze.  The crystals explode during the firing creating a beautiful and unique colour palette.  The inlaid series are $14.00 each.  The hearts are 7cm across and down.  




 Wedding/Anniversary Series

These gorgeous ceramic hearts will make unique keepsakes for newly weds or a lovely anniversary gift designed to last a lifetime.  They are $10.00 each and are available in a few different colours.




                      SEA ORBS

Inspired by the calming effects of the beach and a love

of all things spherical, these ceramic “Sea Orbs” are

designed to sit in small clusters along a window sill;

a hall table; decorating a bathroom… anywhere a little

reminder of the sea would be at home. 


They are completely hand formed and sculpted into

irresistibly tactile little spheres and decorated in the

glaze colours of the ocean.  Some have been made with

little drainage holes in order to make them suitable

homes for small succulents.


LARGE - $20  MEDIUM - $15  SMALL - $10




Designed to hang in sheltered positions

    for a rustic beach-shack look

Made with found driftwood, thick jute

 and handmade ceramic hangings


                     $45.00 ea



Confetti Orbs - cheerful homes for small succulents.  


Ceramic hangings - Birds 

In this next series, we make little chubby birds.  The birds measure 9cm from beak to tail and are approximately 6cm fat.  The birds are priced at $12.00 each.  





The "China Series"

The china series birds have been decorated with Japanese tissue paper transfers which come in a variety of colours and patterns.  The single colour birds in the "China series" are $12.00 each. 




Ceramic Gift Embellishments 

Matching "China Series" gift embellishments.  They are $4.00 each or 5 for $16.00.  The hearts measure 3.5cm wide and long.  They are tied with white waxed cotton. 



RJ Crosses has a collection of glazed gift embellishments designed to prettify parcels.  These charming embellishments are made in an assortment of patterns and glaze colours.  They are all tied with white waxed cotton ready to decorate your gifts with a handmade ceramic adornment.  The hearts are 3.5cm wide and long.  They are priced at $3.00 each or 5 for $12.00. 


 Inspiration series

Our “Inspirational words series” are regularly added to with new uplifting words and phrases.  In the shape of hearts or diamonds, they are ceramics imprinted with an inspirational word or phrase and are tied with leather and embellished with glass beads.   Some of these ceramics are made with “phrase” stamps and some involve individually stamping of each letter.  These ceramics are well suited to a variety of gift giving occasions, but also, very much lend themselves to the spirit of Christmas and tree trimming.  Included in this range, are our new “lovers of geek” series.  Prices vary.