RJ Crosses make a range of ceramic crosses designed as Mediterranean garden art.  While our crosses have been designed with the outdoor wall in mind, they are equally at home, within the home.  In addition, we make a mini range of our ceramic crosses, which can also be hung outdoors or in.  Our crosses are influenced by the white washed walls of the Greek Islands; the terracotta tiles and clay pots hanging on the walls of Spanish homes; and, the divine multi-coloured mosaics found throughout Seville and Barcelona.


We make a collection of smaller ceramic hangings in various shapes.  Our ceramic bird design has proven to be extremely popular.  The birds are decorated in a variety of glazes, with an emphasis on the colours of the Mediterranean.  We use a myriad of methods to impress patterns into our birds.  Part of the bird range is called the “China series”.  These particular birds are finished with Japanese tissue paper transfers in a number of bright colours and patterns.  This series is constantly evolving with new patterns and colours for customers to choose from and all of our ceramic birds are tied with leather and finished with glass beads.


Another popular product we make are our ceramic gift embellishments tied with white waxed cotton.  The embellishments are currently made in the shape of small hearts and suns with various patterns impressed into them and are glazed in a rainbow of colours.  We also offer a range of “china series” gift embellishments to match the china series birds.  These ceramics are very affordable and, given their purpose, renewable.


Our “Inlaid series” are a ceramic hanging with a shape sculpted into the body of the ceramic.  The inlaid shape is then glazed with one of our crystal filled glazes.  During the firing process, the crystals explode and create a colour palette unique to each ceramic.


We create a beautiful range of ceramic jewellery.  Our jewellery collection includes brightly coloured wooden bead necklaces with unique handmade ceramic pendants.  Metallic colour washed ceramic pendants tied with natural coloured waxed cotton.  We make fabulous bold statement rings offering a vast array of colours and designs.  RJ Crosses’ jewellery range also includes an eclectic range of ceramic brooches.


Another ceramic item that we regularly add to are the “Inspirational words” series.  These ceramics have proven to be very popular and are well suited to a variety of gift giving occasions.


Ceramic Christmas decorations designed to become family keepsakes that will last a lifetime - our speciality.  At RJ Crosses, we have created a stunning range of ceramic Christmas decorations to appeal to a wide variety of people.  Our collection of Christmas ceramics include ornaments that are elegant; traditional; bespoke; cute; edgy; and, contemporary.